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Paris has so much to offer but also so much to make up for. Often in History a City that turned against its own, whether the government or the people. But there is a redemptive side even in the worst of nightmares. Finding the real soul of Paris, that is not obvious.

Art Residency in Paris - at the Cité

What is the difference between being a Tourist and doing an Art Residency in Paris - at the Cité?

For one thing, your application has to include a portfolio of your recent Art Work. Your portfolio is developed your Art Vision or the New Direction that you desire for your Art. You also have to prepare yourself to live and work in a French country for the next 2 months. Anything might happen that might hamper your goal or you can be vastly successful. The 2 months period for you first stay is a requirement which turns out to be an absolute necessity - in Paris you have a Study Field vast and divert and absolutely stuffed with jewels of observation and opportunities for interesting experiences.

The Artist of the Cité are all on their own mission. They are serious and focused and impressed with the short opportunity they have to accomplish much. The best advice that I received when I arrived was to make the most the this great opportunity to learn, to see and to visit - and often the first time is filled with such observations that you never create your own art as much as you wanted. You have to become your own University and plan your own assignments and practicals. You have to find the Paris that will assist you with your vision for yourself.

Finding Your Accommodation in a New City is major accomplishment. Especially in a French city in the Northern Hemisphere. Nothing is what you expected, but the feeling that you can put you suitcase down and call this home, revitalize the soul and mind.

And suddenly you start thinking about things like, where do I buy food and what do I explore first? How far is the Notre Dame? How far is the nearest shop?

10 minutes walk and just up the street. Buying at Franprix and Monoprix becomes a regular chore. Finding the Notre dame becomes essential to your soul.

The Paris Landmarks all done in the first 3 days.

July and August are the months for Tourists visiting Paris. A lot of residents in Le Marais moves outside Paris until the young people return to school and University. At this time it is absolutely crazy to compete with Tourists for sightseeing opportunities. So in the end, the Eiffel became the welcome beacon to guide me. The Louvre is a nightmare, packed with visitors and the Mona Lisa a fleeting object, so I left this visit for September when the students returned.

Paris for me as an Artist is found in things intangible - it is how the light strikes a object or where life continues separate from all the hustle and bustle. Paris consists also of the "Old Friends" - the Old buildings and sites that never join in the noise or the tentions around them. They never react to the weather or the hot sun just reflect it. The Old Buildings and even gardens, seem very patient and accomodating to all who deign to visit them.

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