The Artist - Leonie Louw


About the Artist

South Africa has creative people on all different levels of the market and skills. There are always opportunities for mentorship in even the smallest towns. Artists can participated in many festivals and competitions all the year long. A lot of artists only start painting much later in life and it is never too late to find your own niche in life. I believe that many people do not know how easily they can open the door to Art in their own lives by just doing it.

What I am doing at the moment

Wild Life2012,2013,2014,2015 -These years I have been painting Wild Life again!

This 2012 I was involved in a wonderful project - Painting for the Castle de Wildt - a Art Challenge and painting directly for specific decor and themes. The first part is finished - the painting done for the opening - Castle de Wildt Painting Galery

My thoughts

I have the privilege to be who I am. Some things was given to me as talents - some came through training - some developed through passion. I have traveled and lived in South Africa, Southern Africa and Europe but always cherished and appreciated my country with so many opportunities. South Africa - is a place to find passion for living but also where you need to learn compassion.
There are always creative ways to add value to life. I never feel I have learned all that I possibly can about painting, serving my community or teaching. I think it is important to GIVE LIFE A CHANCE! To be creative and generously add to the lives of people around me.

Origins of my Art

I was born in 1958 and have been drawing as long as I can remember. I did not understand stick-figures at all. When I was quiet young it was in fashion to carry a little book around and asked our friends to draw or write something in it. I had some amazing pieces of Art in it. I was quite good at work at school but failed to see the value in it - since then I have come to appreciate the knack of painting a that is recognisable. Since 1986 I became friends with a wonderful group of artists that enjoyed exhibitions, workshops and painting classes together. Over many years I have given art classes and workshops sharing some of techniques I have learned. Presently I am a member of the Waterberg Art Association and SANAVA and hope to establish a Gallery for the community in the Waterberg Area.

My background

Leonie Louw was born on a farm near Hartebeestpoortdam, Pretoria and and at 10 moved to Monumentpark and Centurion. Family vacations was an adventure touring neighbouring countries and visiting game reserves that helped to develop a lasting love for traveling, nature and wildlife.

Leonie remembers school years, spending the evening painting with Springbuck Radio as companion - Police Squad, music and many other favourites. painting became her trademark at school but she also loved drawing animals. Gardening also blossomed into many flower paintings. She has an painting archive with all the different loves that developed equally over the years. She are Commissionededed with cattle farms and herds were added to her collection since 2003.

Leonie worked as a missionary in various countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, Switzerland and England and one of the newest collections include the paintings with a spiritual and emotional impact.


2010 - My Exhibitions and Events

Special Exhibition at the Woman Conference - 21 - 23 May 2010 - It is Complete Retreat - PRETORIA

I great opportunity to exhibit some of my 4th Dimension Paintings. These paintings are more ethereal and imaginative. I like the symbolism and the use of specific colours in these paintings.

EuphoriaWaterberg Art Association Exhibition - 22 July 2010

Dates 22 July we are organising an Euphoria Golf Estate / Waterberg Art Association Fundraising Event. This will be only 200 guest invited for a evening event. I am presenting some of my unique series at this exhibition

ParisGreat news for me: (Album)

I enjoyed a residency at the Cité des Art Internationalle in Paris From from August till September 2010. What a wonderful opportunity and great privilege to stay in the Cité in Paris.

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Residency

A very unique setup with 350 studios for international artist, giving them the opportunity to paint, exhibit and visit great art in the city. There is an opportunity to exhibit my works at the exhibition facilities. 2 months already sounds too short!

SamPhoto Trips in March 2010

3 photo session on different farms. Leon just won the South African Dairy Farmer of the Year Award, and I will be working on painting of his Jersey farm. There are also 2 game farms with various types of big antelope.


BrightnessMy Series of Bold Women of the Bible are being developed

These 12 paintings I am putting together are like women in a calendar. There are still few ideas that I playing with



KrugerJust a little trip to the Kruger Park in March

It is time to go again to get some fresh ideas and my wildlife painting. I am in need up a better camera, maybe this is the year. Canon 50D with a Canon EF 100-400mm. Like the lenses. Was looking at a Nikon D90.


Exhibitions and Art Associations Participation

SANAVA South African National Association for the visual Art - member since 2006 and member of the National Management from 2009 to the present - Member of Unesco International Art Association - IAA
Various markets on the internet South African, Arcy, etc
Waterberg Art Association Sanava Branch – since 2006 – 2010 in management, Chairperson 2009 -10
Writing for Newspaper 2010 writing articles on Art for local newspapers The Post and Waterberg News.
Art's, Crafts and Development Projects Presented for community projects for Arts & Crafts, Tourism and Education on the Local IDP (integrated Development Plan) for Mookgophong Municipality 2001-2003
as well as the District Region of Waterberg District Municipality 2002-2003
Pretoria Show 09 Exhibited on the Pretoria Show September 2009 as professional artist.
Art Teacher for 4 years at intermediate level school Lionelton School, Delmas, in the ‘80s,
workshops and art classes both for learners and adult since 1999.
Various markets on the internet South African, Arcy, etc
Marketed Art and Commissionededed for Art Works Internationally Netherlands and Germany 2005-2008
America 2007/2008 2012-2017
in England in the 90’s,
Exhibited with and organised various local community exhibitions Organised and Exhibited yearly at Municipal Exhibitions for Naboomspruit / Mookgophong from 1992-2003 together with the Naboom Kunsgroep Association
Exhibited in Regional exhibitions for Limpopo Province in Polokwane exhibitions at Polokwane Museum Garden in Polokwane.till 2003
Exhibitions in Gauteng / 3 friend exhibition in 2000 for 2 weeks at the Centurion Library Gallery
Exhibited monthly: Art in the Park Gallery - Magnolia Dell 2004
Exhibitions yearly with Waterberg Art Association since 2006 -2010
Exhibited with South African Association for the visual Art in 2009
Venturing out since 1990 Towns: Lichtenburg -North West,
Lydenburg & Whiteriver - Mpumalange
Illovo, Toti - Kwa Zulu Natal
Holiday Resorts: Lekkerrus, Libertas, Constantia, Rondalia -Die Oog, Forever Resort Bela-Bela. Klein Kariba,
Limpopo: Municipal Show of Louis Trichardt, Municipal Gardens - Pholokwane, Art Week - Mokopane, Art in the Park - Modi-Molle, Waterberg Artist - Municipal Hall - Modi Molle, Show- Bela-Bela, Clive Walker Gallery - Vaalwater, Scott's Hunters -Ellisras, Library Exhibitions, Naboomspruit, Crafts Show - Naboomspruit, VLU Exhibitions, Naboomspruit
Gauteng: Welwitchia Hartebeest, Klein Theater - Pretoria, Buchel Gallery, Sonia Gallery, Museum Park, Kruger House, Art in the Park Gallery - Magnolia Dell, Centurion Library Gallery - Lyttleton 2000
Sonia Gallery Brooklyn Square Pretoria, Drostdy Gallery - Brooklyn Pretoria. Alice Gallery, Brooklyn
Artists, Classes & Exhibitions Since 1986 involved with Art Association, art workshops, painting and exhibiting together with other artists in Naboomspruit and Northern Transvaal
Graphic works for publications of organisation in 1986-1999
School Level: (-1976) Art classes in Primary School
Art on Higher Grade Matriculation
Competitions at school level
Exhibited on the Pretoria Show
Matriculated with Art on Higher Level in 1976


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